*Join TeamSync Artists

Some of our artists in TeamSync: Janaka Stagnaro, Sundara Fawn & more to come

Inviting you – Artists, Photographers, Dramatists, Filmmakers, Singers:

eartartIf even one of the  following applies to you, please contact us through the form below:

  • Can you submit your art or photograph for Sync?
  • Would you perform or make a film or video about Sync?
  • Are you passionate about a better world for all?
  • Do you feel committed to participate in a world where everyone and everything is in harmony, united in diversity?
  • Can you inspire people with your art?

This is the message of Sync: whatever is your practice, sync with the world at ten minutes past any UTC hour.

Then please fill in the contact form below, send us an image or video file. If you like, you can also nominate artists that we can contact.

Millions across the world need to be informed about the message of Sync, which is wraping the planet in an hourly wave of benefit to all. We need artists of different genres to spread this message to all.

Thank you!


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