♥We are love

Many of us have learned the many lessons  that go with living as the “lone wolf” star-seeded ones.

  • We have learned to honor our own source of love and transcend all Illusion of separation and have found and united with the Beloved within.
  • We have reclaimed our power and learned to take respons-ability for creating our life circumstances.
  • Many of us carry this vision in our heart of forming a community of sustainability, unity and love celebrating and sharing as ONE.


Let´s get together. Listen to your heart. Do not let your mind divert you into fear of that which your heart knows is your calling. Feel embraced by wings of love beloved ones of my heart. Love is who and what and why we are. It was our main individual Soul purpose to recognize and embody this truth. We are love on assignment.

Now it is time for the Soul Groups to come together and move into the next leg of our collective Soul plan and serve as ONE Being.

~ Grace Antara Ma


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